Inflammation Can Be Causing Your Brain Fog

Do you ever try to go through the day with the best intentions to get everything done on your to do list?

How about being asked a simple question and you just simply can’t recall the answer?

Do You Suffer From Any Of These Brain Fog Symptoms…

Brain fog or otherwise known as a “leaky brain” is a symptom of different medical conditions. It is NOT it’s own medical condition

  • Do you commonly forget to do something if you don’t write it down?
  • Do you experience crazy mood swings?
  • Are you unable to focus when trying to do a simple task?
  • Do you feel confused when being confronted with a lot of information at once?
  • Does your wife yell at you for not remembering that it was your mother-in-law’s birthday yesterday?

If you’re suffering from any of the above issues or suffering a range of other memory and brain issues, then you are more than likely experiencing brain fog.

If You’re Wondering Why You’re Experiencing Brain Fog,  These Are The Top Brain Fog Causes…

  • Poor Diet – Eating a diet full of too much sugar, alcohol, caffeine and refined carbs can impact brain function. When you eat a heavy meal of garbage foods, you tend to feel like garbage after.
  • Lack Of Sleep – This is almost a no-brainer. When you aren’t getting
    enough sleep, you tend to feel completely out of it. It’s tough to get a full night of sleep for many people. You may have just had a baby or you work odd hours.
  • Inflammation – When you are experiencing inflammation in your brain, it causes neurons to fire slower than usual. When the neurons slow down, so does your level of mental alertness and the ability to focus. Inflammation is not usually thought of by many when it comes to memory issues. And building on the previous two reasons, a poor diet and a lack of sleep not only helps contribute to inflammation but makes it extremely difficult for your body to fight off inflammation.

If You’re Looking To Eliminate Brain Fog, You Need To Take A Stand Immediately…

It is crucial that you eliminate overall inflammation in your body. Not only will you improve brain memory, but you will also have more energy and motivation on a daily basis.

So now that you know what causes brain fog, if you’re looking for a brain fog treatment, these are top ways to eliminate brain fog and inflammation.

  1. Change Your Diet – This is a no-brainer. Many want a quick and easy fix for the issues that they face. If you want to attack inflammation, you need to start changing up what you eat. Believe it or not, there are over 15 million people who suffer from food allergies and many others who are unaware of these issues. People suffering from Celiac Disease or those who have decided to cut back on Gluten claim to be able to think clearer when eliminating these foods from their diets. Many common allergies include gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts and soy. If you think you may be suffering from one of these things, try eliminating for a short time and taking notes to see how you feel… and if possible try eliminating these foods all together.
  2. Sleep More! – You need good quality sleep if you want to function properly. Think about how great you feel when you get a good night of sleep! As I stated above, it is obviously tough  ometimes to get a full night. I work odd hours and I face this issue. It isn’t that you don’t want to sleep but your body is just out of whack from your current lifestyle. If you are able to control your sleep, try going to sleep at the same time everyday. In addition, there are things you can do in order to sleep better. Try eliminating blue light before bed – like those from televisions and smartphones. There are many apps out there now that can give your devices a red tint which is better for your eyes if you must look at your phone. Also, try sleeping in a very dark room with no distractions like the lights from cable boxes or outside lights.
  3. Exercise – Exercising is a great way to make yourself feel better in general. When you work out, you increase your oxygen levels and  get  our blood pumping. That’s why you tend to be in a good mood after accomplishing your exercise goals. Aerobics and cardio are  reat at getting your blood flowing. Research has shown that exercising increases brain health because of proper oxygen and blood flow to your brain! And when you exercise, you tend to feel motivated to stick to a healthy diet… so get moving! Even if it means walking for 30 minutes a day, a few days a week.
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