The Top 10 Anti Inflammatory Foods

If you’re looking to treat inflammation, there are many natural anti inflammatory supplements out there but before shelling out money on them…

…Check Out These Top Anti Inflammatory Foods You Can Add To Your Diet Today.

  • coconut oilHealthy Oils – Your choice of cooking oil can make a huge impact on controlling your inflammation. Choose oils that contains anti inflammatory ingredients like oleic acid, which is shown to relieve inflammation symptoms. Olive oil is a great oil to cook with, due to it’s omega-9 fatty acid content, which is effective against inflammation. However, olive oil but has a strong flavor and low smoke temperature, so you need to be careful with what you’re using it to replace with. There are other great healthy cooking oils for cooking with higher smoke temperatures like grapeseed, coconut oil, avocado oils. Doing a quick online search will turn up plenty of recipes that you can use these oils in.
  • salmon benefitsFish – Red meat contains a high amount of cholesterol and salt, which worsens the symptoms of inflammation. If you’re looking to replace red meat with another good protein source, fish is a great option. If you’re looking to add fish to your diet, look for an oily fish that contain omega-3 acids, which help reduce inflammation. The best oily fish include: salmon, tuna, sardines, snapper and mackerel. 
  • walnut benefitsNuts– Nuts and fruit are great options to snack on throughout the day. Walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds are very popular and highly accessible snacks, which contain high amounts of omega-3 acids, similar to fish. Try looking for nuts at your grocery store or local farmers market in a raw form. Many name-brands contains high amounts of salt. You can even mix nuts with dried fruits and make a nice trail mix for on the go!
  • Seeds – Chia and flax seeds are both highly effective in helping treat inflammation. This is due to the high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 acids that they contain, in addition to various phytonutrients and anti-oxidants they contain. In addition to treating inflammation, chia and flax seeds are also beneficial in regulating cholesterol and maintaining blood pressure.
  • Fruit – Fruits like apples, blueberries, cherries and pineapples contain a good amount of anti-oxidants that are healthy to eat and help your body fight against cellular damage. If you’re looking to buy berries, try freezing them. Frozen berries won’t lose any of their health benefits, won’t go bad and are easy to add to smoothies!
  • Broccoli Broccoli is a perfect addition to an anti inflammatory diet. This is due to the high levels of potassium and magnesium that it contains, in addition to anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants that broccoli contains are helpful in working to reduce the symptoms of inflammation. Broccoli also contain flavonoids and carotenoids, which are effective in lowering oxidative stress, which helps fight chronic inflammation.
  • Beets – There are a number of quality beets benefits, including helping lower your blood pressure, boosting your athletic stamina, and helping fight inflammation. This is due to beets containing betaine, which has been shown in studies to decrease the risk of inflammation. If you’re not consuming beets and are looking for beets health benefits, there are plenty of beet supplements on the market today.
  • Kale – Kale is rich in anti-oxidants and contains a high level of Vitamin K, A and C, omega-3 and omega-6 acids, fiber and carotenoids. Eating a single cup of kale gives you 10% of your daily recommendation of omega-3 acids. If you’re looking to add kale to your diet, it shouldn’t be difficult. There are many kale products out there on the market, including many green juices, kale chips and Kaleamole (Yes, we have reached peak-Whole Foods).
  • how to treat rheumatoid arthritisGarlic – This is an easy one. Garlic has long been considered beneficial, due to it’s medicinal properties and research has shown that it works effectively in treating swolen joints. It’s anti inflammatory benefits help prevent inflammatory cytokines from developing. And unlike many vegetables that are healthier in their raw form, cooked garlic actually increases its anti inflammatory properties as well. So go sauté some garlic!
  • what is the best turmeric supplementTurmeric – Turmeric contains a star phytochemical known as curcumin. There are many curcumin supplements available in stores. You can find them in the health aisle at your local grocery store, as well. Studies have shown that turmeric’s anti inflammatory properties have been shown to relieve inflammation better than ibuprofen. And if you’re somebody who is looking at how to treat arthritis pain, supplementing with turmeric can help relieve joint pain and swelling. If you’re looking for one of the best turmeric supplements, I highly recommend that you check out this one.
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